The Flyboard (developed by Franky Zapata / Zapata Racing) is a device that is attached to your feet, with nozzles and tubes strapped to your arms. Water from a PWC (Personal Watercraft) is pumped up a tube. When the water gets pumped up it is then ejected from nozzles out of the bottom of the board at a high speed, it creates a thrust that gets you airborne like a superhero!
By controlling the direction of the nozzles through which water is ejected with your legs and arms, you can control the thrust and thus control the direction in which you move. So you have complete control once you master the Flyboard! It takes about 15 minutes for most people to get the Flyboard down and anyone in good health is capable of doing it.

We do our Flyboarding lessons in the beautiful waters around Sarasota Florida. It’s very safe and extremely fun to learn! Come experience Flyboarding with us, give us a call today!